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Goodbye Dad

Funeral Poems & Readings

Goodbye Dad

A funeral poem for comfort during unsettling times


Goodbye Dad

It’s never the right time

To say goodbye.

I will miss you, Dad,

And here is why.

You taught me so much:

To show no fear,

To always have fun,

And face the day with cheer.

You were always so able,

So fast and so strong.

In your little girl’s eyes

You could do no wrong.

You would always listen,

And you never pried.

You were the arms around me

When I cried.

You never looked for praises,

And you were never one to boast.

You were always there

For those you loved the most.

You worked so hard,

And those strong working hands

Led me through life

And helped me understand

That life can be hard,

And tough, and sad,

But through it all

I had my Dad.

And because of you,

I understood

That life was actually

Pretty good.

I believe in you

And will follow your path,

And when things go wrong,

I’ll look back and laugh.

I hope you can hear me

So I can let you know

That you were and will forever

Be my superhero.

So yes, today

I am full of sorrow,

But I will smile a little more

With each tomorrow.

So please, Dad, go

Be at rest

And know to me

You were always the best.

I love you so much and miss you every day!

Leanne Brady
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