Thin chocolate braided leather bracelet


Chocolate leather braided bracelet. The clasp holds a small amount of ashes and has a brushed finish. Delivery is typically between 6 – 8 weeks.

We offer a service to decant ashes into the jewellery in our branches for a small fee. See the checkout page for more details.

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Embrace bracelets are the most recent addition to the Funeral Products Originals collection. The products in this exclusive line have been designed, created and produced by Funeral Products itself in collaboration with our designers and find their inspiration in the artistic aspects of Dutch Design. The bracelets in the Embrace line consists of modern pieces made of authentic braided leather. Leather is an adaptable natural material that gets softer over time and the unique chromatic composition converts each bracelet into an exclusive piece. All bracelets have a 925 Sterling silver push button clasp which accentuates the jewellerys modern look. There is a small space inside the clasp for a symbolic amount of ashes, which closes easily and safely. The end result is an elegant bracelet that offers a subtle way for you to keep the memory of your beloved one with you at all times.

Length (cm)

20.5 – 22.0, 15.0 – 16.9, 17.0 – 18.4, 18.5 – 20.4


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