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Funeral Poems & Readings

Mya’s Wish

A funeral poem for comfort during unsettling times


Mya’s Wish

Dear God,

My name is Mya Hailey Garcia,

and I live here on Earth,

and as far as I’ve been told,

whatever I want,

I should ask you first.

I really don’t know much about you,

only what I’ve heard grown-ups say.

They say you’re something really magical,

and whenever I’m sad,

you’ll make it go away.

Well, if you can really hear me,

there’s something I want to discuss,

but promise you won’t tell my mommy;

just keep it between the two of us.

I’ve been feeling a strange pain inside,

almost every single day.

It all started about a month ago

when my Daddy went away.

They said that you took him far away

to a very special place.

They said I shouldn’t cry or worry,

’cause someday

I’ll see my Daddy’s handsome face.

I don’t care what they say.

They don’t know what’s in my heart.

All I know is that my Daddy is gone,

and it’s tearing me apart.

Okay, let me take a deep breath

and tell you what I want to say.

Just be a little patient with me.

I’m just learning how to pray.

I want to make a deal with you,

and I hope that I’m not misunderstood.

I want you to give my Daddy back to me,

and I promise to always be good,

I know that sometimes I don’t listen

and I can behave very bad,

but I promise to stop now,

if you let me see my Dad.

I miss him so very much.

I just don’t know what to do.

I want to hug him,

kiss him,

play with him,

and wait for him after school.

What about when Christmas comes?

Who will buy my toys?

What about when I get to high school?

Who will keep me safe from bad boys?   

If you can really hear me, can you help me.

’cause I don’t understand.

How can my Daddy be here with me one day, 

and the next, his life is in your hands? 

Who told you that you can have him?

Did you ever think of me?

Did you ever think of Mommy,

and how lonely she would be? 

I don’t mean to yell at you

or disrespect you in any kind of way.

I’m just feeling very hurt and angry

’cause my Daddy’s gone away!

What was that you said? 

I think I hear you speak.

You say my Daddy is in a beautiful place,

where only good people meet?

You say that you’ll watch over him

as he watches over me?

You say you’ll never leave him alone,

and by his side, you’ll always be?

Well, if that’s the case,

I guess it will be all right

that Daddy spends some time with you

until we reunite. 

Although it’s still not clear to me,

the reason why he’s gone,

I feel a little better now,

knowing that he is safe in your arms.

Okay, it’s getting pretty late,

and I want to go to sleep,

but there’s just one wish I want to make,

and I pray you grant it just for me. 

I know that it’s impossible.

for you to give me Daddy back right now,

but could you make it summertime again

when my Daddy was still around.

Amen,  Love Mya

Nancy Wright
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For the safety of our staff and yourselves, we are adapting daily to the guidelines set by the government and local authorities.

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