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Tadble Barrel Cognac Ash bracelet

The memorial bracelets by Tadblu are made from high-quality materials that will stand the test time. Every piece is equipped with an ash container made from 316 stainless-steel, which can hold a symbolic amount of cremated remains, keeping your loved one close to you. The memorial bracelets come in different styles and materials, making them both loved by men and women. The Barrel Bracelets have a modern, rugged look which match with any style. The naval rope bracelets are woven from cord originating from the nautical industry. This material is exceedingly strong yet very soft. Different to the leather pieces, the naval rope bracelets are equipped with a clasp closure, completing the nautical look even more.



Product Information

Length (cm)

15.0 – 16.9 (S), 17.0 – 18.4 (M), 18.5 – 20.4 (L), 20.5 – 22.0 (XL)

Jewellery Brand



Naval Rope Brown-Navy, Naval Rope Denim

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