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Funeral Poems & Readings

For My Daddy

A funeral poem for comfort during unsettling times


For My Daddy

Have you seen my Daddy?

I don’t know where he’s gone.

Sometimes it hurts so much

I can’t seem to carry on.


I hear he doesn’t look quite the same.

He doesn’t need much rest.

The IV and medications are all gone;

In fact, he looks his best.


Is he playing tag with his parents

In that place way up high?

Or is he napping in God’s garden

Where the beautiful in hammocks lie?


Some say he is always watching.

I hope this to be true

And that one day he’ll return to me

And say, “I’ve come for you.”


Have you seen my Daddy?

I imagine he’s doing okay,

Though it hurts to know

I can’t call him every day.


I really miss my Daddy.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

It will never be the same.

Years from now, I know I’ll cry.


I bet God is with my Daddy,

Wrapped up in His arms,

Sheltered from all illness and sorrow,

Keeping him from harm.


I bet he sees us mourning

But would want us to smile

And tell us our time part

Is only a little while


I’ll never quite understand

Why your time here was so small,

But you said you’ll always be there

To catch me when I fall.


I miss you so much, Daddy,

But I hope and pray

That when it’s my time, you’ll come for me.

I’ll see you again someday.


I guess it was meant to be

That your work here on Earth was done.

Now your life in paradise

Has only just begun.


Tears that I weep and prayers

Will hopefully travel very far

To reach my loving daddy

Sitting among the stars.


In loving memory of my hero, Abelardo C. Caburnay 1946-2013

Christina Caburnay
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